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 Can i get a refund?

Yes you can. We offer refunds for all of our services. We do not cover any refund fees on bitcoin payments. Please note, that we might reserve the right to charge a $1.5USD fee due to IPv4 provisioning. 

If you are buying your server on a promotion, no refunds can be issued. A promotion is when a user utilizes a cupon code on our order form. Please note, we reserve the right to make a refund if we have had to cover any expenses. Examples are, but they are not limited to, SSL's, Domains and dedicated servers. 

Please check our full refund policy at:

 How can I be sure you will fulfill anual payments?

Many companies tend to go bankrupt in a matter of months. We have taken preventive measures such as storing anual payments in reserve funds in case we are not longer able to provide services to our customers. This will be refunded in case we are no longer able to provide our services due to financial issues.

 Why do I not have the bandwidth you advertise?

We advertise unmetered bandwidth on all of our plans. You do get unmetered bandwith. In some cases it says 100Gb bandwidth, 1TB or 10 TB. You will not be limited on bandwidth usage basis. Please ignore the bandwidth limit presets stablished, as we monitor them constantly and will increase your limit once you reach 10-20% usage.

 In which languages can your staff help me?

Our staff is certified to answer in Spanish, English, German and basic French. Else, we can communicate using tools like google translate in the language of your choice.

 I am not getting the 1Gbps of speed that you advertise.

We advertise on some nodes and some plans speeds of 1Gbps, this speed is available to all nodes. We sometimes limit this speed to maintain reliability of the server in case we detect prolonged use of a lot of bandwidth at a very high speed 5+ TB at high averages of speed. This limit will never be under 200Mbps. Some variation of the speed is also to be expected, as the nodes have a shared 1Gbps port.

 Is my data safe?

Yes. We try not to store sensitive information on our servers such as login credentials. We encrypt and use several security layers on our admin platforms to prevent any data loss.

We also have a strict privacy policy which you can check here:

 Do you enable host AES-NI?

We do, for us to enable AES-NI we need to enable CPU Host PassThrough, kindly open a support ticket for us to get that done.

 Which Gateways for payment do you accept?

We accept Bitcoin, SPEI Transfer (Mexico), Paypal and Stripe.

 Do you have affiliates?

We do have an affiliate system. For you to activate it simply login and go to the link:

There you will be able to setup your account.

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