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On this documentation area you will find all the necessary documentation for common issues you might present on your service at Hosterlabs.

Installing Windows 10 on your VPSHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
My VPS is not accessibleHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
VPS Login credentials not workingHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
Updating rDNSHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
I can not access vpanel.hosterlabs.netHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
RDP Connection not workingHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
Non-Bootable Device IssueHosterlabs SupportSep 23, 2020
Can not access websites on my browser! (Windows)Hosterlabs SupportSep 22, 2020
Disabling NetworkManager and installing cPanel breaks internet connection.Hosterlabs SupportSep 15, 2020
How to reinstall a Virtual Machine on SoluVM control panel?Hosterlabs SupportSep 12, 2020

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